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PodCleanse Feedback

I started the 21 Day PodClense in January in hopes of kickstarting some healthy eating habits for 2017 and what I gained was so much more. Bowyn’s daily tips and delicious recipes made it easy to not only complete the program but to continue on with healthy living! I have not only greatly reduced my sugar intake but continue to be caffeine free and haven’t felt this good in years! Thank you, Bowyn, for the inspiration and for showing us how easy it can be to live healthy!

Carrie, College Station

Inviting, Comfortable, Friendly, Empowering

I am in love with this studio, the staff & instructors. A regular yoga pactice is very new to me… and therefore very uncomfortable at times; yet I feel so comfortable when I walk through the yoga pod doors. I enjoy knowing I will be surrounded by all ages, shapes, sizes, walks of life and NO judgment. The variety of classes keep it interesting, challenging & fun, each in their own way. The best part about coming here regularly, for me, is that I leave feeling stronger each time – physically, mentally & spiritually.
… All this and I am only 1/2 way through my third week as a member. <3

Lynde Jackson

Best place to be in B/CS!

This is the best place to be in B/CS! There are over 70 classes a week, which means there is a class for everyone ranging from restorative classes to help relax and decompress, to PodHot where you drip sweat everywhere. I’ve come to find the best group of people in every class. I truly love this place!

Tayler Gyug

First real hot yoga studio in town!

I moved to the BCS area a year ago, and desperatly searched for a yoga studio. I quickly learned this area was lacking in a full yoga studio experience. While there were wonderful yoga teachers scattered around, you had to seek the good ones out and hope their class times worked with your schedule. Yoga Pod is amazing because all the good ones are now in one location. I’ve been to at least one class a day since they’ve opened (sometimes more) and they have all been AMAZING! the whole space is a wonderfully safe and inviting place to sweat, stretch and grow. I love that they offer so many different types to try as well. Come check them out…there’s something g for everyone!

Rebecca L.

Amazing teachers!

So much fun!! Amazing teachers!

Amanda Parr

Rooftop Yoga!

Rooftop yoga was fantastic! It made me even more excited to become a member!

Lynee Herrera

First Time!

This was my first time to do yoga and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for the opportunity to try it out! =)

Kristen Franze McNiel