Sun Salutations: Refine and Master!

with Erika Ervin

There is no better vinyasa to create a strong base and healthy patterns than Sun Salutations. As we refine our patterns and listen to our body’s needs, the movements start to initiate from deeper and deeper in our core. When the body’s deep core becomes the base for movement, strength increases, injuries become less common, and flowing with your breath becomes second nature.

Due to differences in our bodies, it is important to practice in ways that create healthy patterns for our body; refining and in some cases creating new patterns. Learn what you need to know to create a strong, effective and injury free vinyasa practice.


Sunday October 29th, 2017


2:00 – 3:30 pm



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First Time!

This was my first time to do yoga and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for the opportunity to try it out! =)

Kristen Franze McNiel