Yoga 101: A 2-hour Introduction to Yoga

with Charla Anderson

CharlaWe are told the biggest step in yoga is onto your mat for the first time. Even though we have heard all the benefits of yoga, it can be intimidating; we have images of human pretzels. We get self-conscious thinking everyone knows what they are doing, but us. We think we are too big/small/stiff/injured/old/uncoordinated/you name it to do yoga.

In this 2-hour introductory class, Charla explains yoga! She will guide students through poses often seen in class, teaching benefits and alignment. She will share different types of breath work and how to incorporate it into student’s practice. Charla will introduce props and modifications, and how to use them for an effective practice. She will also explain the different classes offered at Yoga Pod, so students can hone in on what may speak to them.

Students attending Intro to Yoga will receive a complimentary class pass!


Sunday, April 9, 2017
Sunday, May 7, 2017
Saturday, June 3, 2017


2:00 – 4:00 pm



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First real hot yoga studio in town!

I moved to the BCS area a year ago, and desperatly searched for a yoga studio. I quickly learned this area was lacking in a full yoga studio experience. While there were wonderful yoga teachers scattered around, you had to seek the good ones out and hope their class times worked with your schedule. Yoga Pod is amazing because all the good ones are now in one location. I’ve been to at least one class a day since they’ve opened (sometimes more) and they have all been AMAZING! the whole space is a wonderfully safe and inviting place to sweat, stretch and grow. I love that they offer so many different types to try as well. Come check them out…there’s something g for everyone!

Rebecca L.